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Steven Bush is currently the owner of Lone Star Helicopters Inc, based in Lago Vista as well as a retired Special Operations EMS Captain with the City of Austin. Steve began flying helicopters at the age of 12 after obtaining an after-school job at a local flight school in Los Angeles and getting to fly periodically. He soloed at 16 and obtained his Private Helicopter License at the age of 17. 

After moving to Texas in 2003 to take a position as a paramedic, he obtained his Commercial License in 2006 and his Flight Instructor’s rating in 2008 at which time he started a small helicopter flight school. 

In 2010, he merged his company with another larger flight school and opened up that school's second satellite part 141 location. 

As the growing demand for instruction and personalized pilot and brokerage services increased, he started his current company to meet those demands. 

Steven’s mission is to help future and current pilots alike in becoming the absolute safest, knowledgeable, courteous aviators, both privately and commercially while sharing in the joy of aviation and flying helicopters with all.

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Jennifer Bush is our Vice President and Director of Marketing here at Lone Star Helicopters Inc. She ​heads up our customer relations, marketing and community outreach. With a history in mortgage, property and asset management as well as being a real estate agent, she is a tremendous addition in keeping the rotors turning here at Lone Star Helicopters. 

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