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For Tours, Training, & Utility

Why pay new helicopter prices when you can obtain a newly overhauled aircraft at a fraction of the cost? We pride ourselves in being able to deliver high quality beautiful aircraft to our customers that meet their needs. 


  • Search the current market for availablity

  • Evaluate market value based on total aircraft time, use, time in service and location.

  • Provide on site inspection of aircraft, logbooks and test flight.

  • Handle all purchase related paperwork, transfer of ownership and funds through one of our title company partners.

  • Provide or arrange delivery of your helicopter.



R-22 Beta

  • The 2 seat R22, which is popular in the personal and training market is an affordable solution for our students seeking their pilots license.

  • Seats 2
    Power Plant: Lycoming O-320, 160 HP Derated to 124 MCP
    Top Speed 117mph
    Range 300 miles

  • Lone Star Helicopters flies the Beta version of this aircraft.  With its clean aerodynamic design, it allows a top speed of over 117mph and has an 8 gallon per hour fuel burn.

  • For more information on Robinson Helicopters, visit their website at www.robinsonheli.com


Robinson R66

  • Certified in 2010 to the US market under the new strict FAA part 27 standards, the R66 is a light weight turbine helicopter that out performs all others in its weight class.

  • Seats 5
    Power Plant: Rolls Royce 250-RR-300, 300 SHP Turbine Engine
    Top Speed 161mph
    Range 400 miles

  • Known for speed and agility, it is the ideal aircraft for utility work and hog eradication because of the small rotor diameter allowing the aircraft to land and fly virtually anywhere. Lone Star Helicopters operates an R66 for utility work, hog eradication, game counts, relief work, turbine transition, turbine training and tours.

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Robinson R44 Raven II

  • The R44 is the most versitile and popular helicopter manufactured today. 

  • The R44 was certified by the FAA in December of 1992. 

  • Lone Star Helicopters operates our Robinson R44 flight training, tours, hog eradication, game counts, relief work and utility work. 

  • Seats 4
    Power Plant: Lycoming IO-540 with 245 HP take off rating and 205 HP continuous.
    Top Speed 140 knots
    Range 350 miles

The long-established history of safety is a hallmark of Schweizer helicopters. As the most trusted light helicopter for training and missions, pilots appreciate the confidence the Schweizer S300 delivers.
The S300™ series has the finest safety record of any FAA certified, piston-powered helicopters which is substantiated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident statistics.
  • Configured as a 2 seat primary and instrument trainer.
  • Power Plant: Lycoming HIO–360–D1A
  • Speed: 95 knots
  • Range: 400 NM
  • Lone Star Helicopters utilizes our S300 for both primary and instrument training. It is equipped with a full G500 glass panel, G650 GPS, and backup attitude, AS/ALT indicator, perfect for training in the modern age of instrumentation.
  • The S300 is the perfect fit between our R22 and R44 training fleet for its versatility and cost savings to our students.
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