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At Lone Star Helicopters we offer one on one training for the following certifications. This lets a student advance at their own time and pace. Lone Star Helicopters currently offers Initial, Add-On, Recurrency (Flight Reviews, SFAR-73) Robinson Factory Authorized Training, Schweizer RSG Factory Pilot Training Facility, Approved Insurance Audit Courses as well as Advanced Flight Training for student in ours or owners own aircraft.

  • Initial Private Pilot's Certificate

  • Commercial Pilot's Certificate

  • Instrument Rating

  • Certified Flight Instructor

  • Flight Review and SFAR-73 Endorsement

  • Advanced Emergency Procedures Training

  • Recurrency Training

  • Turbine Transition

  • We specialize in Robinson R22 R44 & R66, Bell 206 series and Schweizer 300.

  • Lone Star Helicopters is also proud to be the Schweizer RSG Factory Pilot Training and Aircraft Demo Facility here in our great State of Texas.

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Eligibility Requirements 

  • Be at least 17 years of age

  • Obtain an FAA medical certificate

  • Pass an FAA written examination

  • Pass an FAA oral and flight test

  • Obtain 40 hours of flight time including 10 hours of solo

Aeronautical Experience

Must log at least 40 hours minimum flight time that includes 20 hours of flight training and 10 hours of solo that includes at least: 

  • 3 hours of cross-country flight training in a helicopter

  • 3 hours of night flight training in a helicopter

  • 10 hours of solo flight time in a helicopter


Private Pilot Add-on Helicopter

  • 20 hours of flight training in a helicopter

  • 10 hours of solo in a helicopter

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Private Pilot

Privileges and Limitations

A private pilot license allows you to fly a helicopter and carry passengers and baggage, although not for compensation or hire. Operating expenses may be shared with other passengers.

Estimate of Private Pilots Licence​

The following courses are based on FAA minimum times. Individual completion times may vary depending on training requirements, scheduling, and ability. 

Note: No Prior Airplane or Aircraft Experience is Required to Earn a Helicopter License. (For those with no prior pilot training. Minimum of 40 flight hours required).

Required Private Pilot Flight Training Experience.

Ref FAR 61.109 ©​

40 Hours (Minimum) Total Pilot Time in Helicopters Must Include:

  • 30 hours of “dual” flight instruction and 10 hours of “solo” flight

  • 3 hours of dual cross-country flight training

  • 3 hours dual instruction at night

  • One (1) 75 nautical-mile cross-country Solo flight with one (1) 25 nautical-mile “leg”

  • At least 3 hours of Cross-Country Solo flight

  • 3 Solo Take-offs and Landings at an Airport with an Operating Control Tower


Cost example for private

Schweizer 300 Helicopter @$425.00 hr Dual

  • 40 hours flight instruction (required)

  • 20 hours ground instruction

  • Medical Examination    

  • Written Exam

  • FAA Flight Test









Commercial Pilot

Privileges and Limitations

A commercial helicopter pilot license allows you to fly a helicopter and carry passengers and baggage for compensation or hire.

  • Minimum 18 Years old to take commercial pilot flight test.

  • Hold a private pilot helicopter certificate (or meet the commercial “add-on” requirements).

  • Must read, write, understand, and speak english.

  • Minimum of 150 hours of flight time.

  • Hold a current FAA medical certificate.

  • Pass an FAA written commercial knowledge test (Prior to taking FAA practical flight test).

  • Minimum of 100 hours of pilot in command (PIC) flight time including at least 35 hours PIC in a helicopter.

  • Pass an FAA oral and practical flight test.

Note: No prior airplane or aircraft experience is required to earn a helicopter license.

Required commercial pilot flight training experience reference: FAR 61.129 ©

In your 150 hours (or more) of flight training in the helicopter for your commercial pilot certificate, you are required by FAA regulations to obtain a minimum of training and experience in specific flight areas.

150 Hours (Minimum) Total Pilot Time in Helicopters Must Include:


  • 10 hours of instrument training in an aircraft.

  • 100 hours of pilot-in-command flight time (35 hours or more of which must be in a helicopter).

  • 20 hours of dual instruction in the required areas of operation.

  • 10 hours of cross-country helicopter experience.

  • 3 hours of night dual instruction.

  • 1 DAY VFR 2-hour (minimum) dual instruction flight with one (1) 50 nautical-mile leg.

  • 1 NIGHT VFR 2-hour (minimum) dual instruction flight with one (1) 50 nautical-mile leg.

  • 5 hours of Nightime solo flight experience with a minimum of 10 take-offs and landings.

  • One (1) cross-country solo flight with three landings and one (1) 50 nautical-mile minimum leg.

  • 3 hours of dual instruction in the 60 days previous in preparation for the flight test.


Flight Instructor

Limitations & Qualifications 

A flight instructor allows you to give training and endorsements relate to:

  • A student pilot certificates

  • A pilot certificate

  • A flight instructor certificate

  • A ground instructor certificate

  • An aircraft rating

  • An instrument rating

  • A flight review, operating privilege, or recency of experience requirement of this part

  • A practical test

  • A knowledge test

Before you can earn your helicopter certified flight instructor (CFI) rating, you must already hold a helicopter commercial pilot rating. Unlike in airplanes, you are not required to hold an Instrument Rating in either helicopters or airplanes to become a Helicopter CFI. There are no additional flight experience requirements in the helicopter beyond preparing with a qualified Instructor Pilot (CFI) for the oral and practical flight test (Check Ride) with the FAA examiner.


You will be expected to meet the standards in the FAA Practical Test Standard (PTS) for the helicopter Flight Instructor rating. You will be expected to demonstrate all the Commercial PTS flight maneuvers from the (Instructor’s) seat in the aircraft as you explain those maneuvers as you would to a student pilot. You are also required to demonstrate a touchdown autorotation to the ground (touchdowns are not required for the private or commercial rating).


You will also be required to pass a rigorous oral examination with an FAA Inspector on the subject matters covered in the FAA’s Certified Flight Instructor practical test standard (PTS) publication.


You are also required to pass two written FAA knowledge tests. One covers the fundamentals of instruction and covers how people learn and how they should be taught. The other is a test on general aviation information that any Certified Flight Instructor should know.


If you already hold a fixed wing CFI rating (or higher), you do not need to take the fundamentals of instruction written test again, but you will need to take a very short helicopter CFI written knowledge test, which consists of 20 general helicopter questions.

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To maximize our students time and money, Lone Star Helicopters highly recommends and endorses Helicopter Online Ground School "HOGS". This is an up to date tablet and/ or computer self-paced, step by step, ground school program. This program is geared towards all students from Student Pilot to CFII and is extremely beneficial to our busy clients. Whether it's 3pm or 3am, you have continuous access. Utilizing "HOGS" makes our ground school more of a verification of knowledge process, saving time and money.

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